The Values of a revolution

Plura is a true technical and technological revolution of the waterproofing concept. No more traditional systems using only one or more specific products, but innovative systems inspired by simple and quick application: reliability and safety are our trade mark.
Pluvitec waterproofs your future today.

Roofing is a resource

The roofing surface may be exploited thus becoming an “active” surface.

  • Photovoltaic roofs.
  • Eco-friendly roofs.
  • Wind energy harvesting roofs.
  • Cool roofs.
  • Rainwater harvesting roofs.
  • Green roofs.
  • Parking decks.


Products made with regenerated and fully recyclable raw materials. Low environmental impact systems. Clean energy production processes.


We perform our work with attention to the quality of life of all our product users, constantly striving to improve techniques and procedures within the perspective of global improvement. We have become world leaders in our field due to our passionate approach focused on change.


PLURA Pluvitec Revolution roofs last longer, hence cost less. Savings that truly mean respect for the environment.



  • MATERIALS, obtained through investments in research and development
  • APPLICATION, carried out by certified staff (Pluviteam)
  • CUSTOM SOLUTIONS, for each requirement
  • SALES SUPPORT, Pre and Post-Sales Support.


To work in full structural safety as well as that of operators and users.

  • Applications with no and/or little flame.
  • Cold applications.
  • Fire resistant membranes.
  • Roofings designed for specific use.

Full warranty

Roofs waterproofed using Plura systems are guaranteed by:

  • Excellent products, many of which are exclusive to Pluvitec;
  • Highly skilled staff (PLUVITEAM);
  • Roofs covered by a post-construction insurance policy;
  • International certification.


Maximum versatility of the PLURA systems for all engineering requirements. Specific technical skills of our TECHNICAL AREA.


The post-sales support is a great added value for PLURA Pluvitec Revolution systems. The Technical Department guarantees continuous monitoring of the roofing during the application stage, guaranteeing flawless application standards.